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Maxwell’s Equations

Our light wave is basically electromagnetic wave (EM) wave, so as the name suggests it consists of elctric and magnetic components. We have 2 electric field vectors E, D and 2 magnetic H, B. Maxwell eqs. are basically for the … Continue reading

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NRDC Budding Innovation Awards for Students

The Budding Innovators Award(s) is/are given annually by the NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (A Govt. of India Enterprise)to the students as per the recommendations of the Prize Award Committee comprising eminent scientists, technologists and specialists in diverse areas of science … Continue reading

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maxwell equations

in maxwell equations why maxwell select only these 4 equations… there are many laws in physics but what is the significance of specially denoting these equations as his equations… why not 2 more or why not 1 less..

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Featured Article: Telecom Sector-Something New by Sahil Sachdeva (Assistant Manager, Olive Telecom)

Latest in technology offered by this ever growing telecom sector. Continue reading

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