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3 disadvantages of ac over dc

In the last article, we have discussed about the 8 advantages of alternating current over direct current. Today we will discuss the disadvantages or drawbacks of ac over dc. Let us discuss them one by one: First disadvantage is that … Continue reading

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8 Advantages of alternating current over direct current

We all are aware of the concept of ac and dc. There are certain differences between two and also there are advantages and disadvantages or drawbacks of ac over dc. I will discuss the advantages in this article and disadvantages … Continue reading

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The meaning of Transient Current

We all must be aware about the meaning of the current. Yes, it is rate of flow of charge. Do you know that when an electric circuit having a ohmic resistance is switched on, the current reaches to maximum value … Continue reading

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6 conditions for sustained inteference

To understand the concept of interference and conditions for sustained interference, let us first discuss the superposition principle. Superposition Principle: Superposition principle enables us to find the resultant of two or more wave motions. According to this principle, when two … Continue reading

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Photon and its properties

In this article, we will discuss about the photon and its properties: A photon is basically a basic particle which carries with itself electromagnetic energy. The light coming from sun has different wavelengths or energy and on the basis of … Continue reading

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Cathode rays and their 15 properties

Definition of cathode rays: Cathode rays are the group of fast moving negatively charged particles. These negatively charged particles are electrons. These rays are shot out at a high speed from the cathode of a discharge tube at a pressure … Continue reading

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Upcoming science fields to do research and make career

There are many many field in the area of science to do research. One should be completely dedicated towards his or her work for the same, then sky is the limit only. Let us discuss few of the science fields … Continue reading

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10 Properties of gamma rays

Let us today discuss the 10 properties or characteristics of gamma rays. 1.      Gamma, γ-rays are not deflected by electric and magnetic fields. It shows that they do not have any charge. 2.      Gamma, γ-rays are electromagnetic waves like X-rays. The … Continue reading

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Properties of beta particles

Last time I have discussed the properties of alpha particles. Toady let us discuss the important properties or characteristics of beta (β) particles: A beta (β)- particle carries 1.6 x 10-19 C of negative charge, which is the charge on … Continue reading

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Human is the Passé, here comes the Robos!

Today with constant improvisation in Science and Technology, we are in a fast period of progression and production! One of the technological advancements that make living easy and much more convenient is indubitably the invention of robots. Robots are men-like … Continue reading

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