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10 Properties of gamma rays

Let us today discuss the 10 properties or characteristics of gamma rays. 1.      Gamma, γ-rays are not deflected by electric and magnetic fields. It shows that they do not have any charge. 2.      Gamma, γ-rays are electromagnetic waves like X-rays. The … Continue reading

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Properties of beta particles

Last time I have discussed the properties of alpha particles. Toady let us discuss the important properties or characteristics of beta (β) particles: A beta (β)- particle carries 1.6 x 10-19 C of negative charge, which is the charge on … Continue reading

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10 properties of alpha particles

The  alpha, α – particles possess following 10 properties: 1.     Alpha, α – particle carries double the positive charge of proton, which is equal to the charge on the helium nucleus. 2.      Mass of an alpha, α – particle … Continue reading

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Definition and introduction of radioactivity

Definition of radioactivity: The phenomenon of emission of active radiations by an element was termed radioactivity. The element exhibiting this property was called radioactivity element. Natural radioactivity is a spontaneous and self disruptive activity exhibited by a number of heavy … Continue reading

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