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10 Interesting Science Discoveries

Science is a systematic approach that collects and builds knowledge. Likewise, they are many scientific discoveries happening in every part of the world. But there are amazing and outstanding discoveries and inventions made at recent times that are incredible. Some … Continue reading

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WinnerScience Innovative Idea Contest -2015 (WIIC-2015)

Dear friends, Today we proudly announce the First WinnerScience Innovative Idea Contest- 2015 (WIIC-2015). Objective: The objective of the WIIC is to encourage the students to solve the daily life problems with easy and innovative methods. The aim of the … Continue reading

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Cathode rays and their 15 properties

Definition of cathode rays: Cathode rays are the group of fast moving negatively charged particles. These negatively charged particles are electrons. These rays are shot out at a high speed from the cathode of a discharge tube at a pressure … Continue reading

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Why laser is needed in holography

As recording process in holography is based on the principle of interference. For recording and for sustained interference, the path difference between various interfering light waves should always be less than longitudinal coherence length. For ordinary light source like mercury … Continue reading

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Reflection and transmission hologram

Reflection hologram: If recording material in hologram is placed such that reference beam and object beam approach it from two opposite sides, then hologram formed is called Reflection Type hologram. The interference fringes are usually parallel to the surfaces of … Continue reading

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Transverse electric waves

DEFINITION TRANSVERSE ELECTRIC (TE) WAVES OR H WAVES IN PARALLEL PLANES: In the case, the component of electric field vector E lies in the plane transverse to the direction of propagation that is there is no component of E along … Continue reading

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Work and its types

Work: In physics work is said to be done when a force acting on a body displaces it through a certain distance. The work by a constant force is measured by the dot product of force will displacement. i.e. W … Continue reading

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Best journals of Energy of 2011

Now a days lots of result is done in the field of energy science. Energy science may include biodiesel, solar energy and other many energy resources. I have compiled the list of best or top 20 journals of energy science. … Continue reading

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Earth and Cosmological Events

Cosmology is a science related with the space. It can be divided into two parts. one is the physical cosmology and other is the modern cosmology. Physical cosmology deals with the origin, evolution and future of the universe. There are … Continue reading

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Nuclear force properties

We all know about nucleus in an atom and there are particles neutrons and protons in the nucleus. These particles are binded together by strong nuclear forces. At the end of this article, you will be able to understand the … Continue reading

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