Assignment-I (b)



Assignment-I (b)


Electrostatics and Electrodynamics

  1. Write Maxwell’s equations both in integral and differential forms. Also give their physical significance.
  2. What is Equation of continuity? Explain. How could Maxwell correct and present Ampere’s law in its generalized form?
  3. Using Ampere law obtain an expression for the magnetic field due to a current carrying straight conductor of infinite length.
  4. State Gauss theorem. Derive the differential form of Gauss Theorem.
  5. Show that Coulomb’s Law can be deduced from Gauss Law.
  6. Using Gauss Theorem calculate the electric field due to a uniformly charged non conducting solid sphere at a point (i) Outside the sphere (ii) On the surface of sphere (iii) Inside the sphere.
  7. Show that the Electric field is conservative and Prove curl E =0.
  8. Given A=y2x i + (y-x) k , find divergence and curl of A.
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