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What a natural devastating disaster in Japan? I am in a different country but after watching the pictures of devastation in TV and other media sources, my eyes got wet. Then I thought what the reason was for this? Was it the earthquake or the tsunami that happened after the quake. For me, these were secondary reasons. Countries like Japan are at high risk seismic zone, we always knew it. But the entire world is at much more higher risk that we are not realizing now. But, Japan must be realizing it. Yes, you are right, I am discussing about dangerous nuclear radiations.

Nuclear reactors are built by many countries to achieve their energy demand. Now suppose, these reactors run successfully for 20 years, ok for 30 years or may be for 50 years. But suddenly what happened a natural disaster occurs may be earthquake, or anything, or sudden accident can occur. Then what will happen, a devastation! Life may vanish in few days.

All the countries are making weapons for defense but some day these can lead to the self destruction.

But question can be asked here, then where to meet the energy demand, if not nuclear energy. My dear friends, there are many sources of energy if we properly utilize them it. For example, wind energy, sun energy, energy from non-edible plants (that is biodiesel from non-edible plants), geo-thermal energy and there can be so many other energy sources. Need of the hour is to look for them and promote them.

We as people of a nation also have responsibility towards it. We all know that energy sources are few but we are using it like anything. Imagine a situation (that may happen), when there will not be petrol or diesel to run your car!! So, at least we can delay that situation if not for ourselves may be for our future generation. But how!

Remember, “Energy saved is energy created”. If you are going to purchase something from a destination that is about 1 or 2 km or 3 km, then you can use a bi-cycle for this. If you will not use it now, remember one day you will be compelled to use it. By doing this, you will not only save the energy but improve your health.

We occasionally went to hill stations and said that what a good pollution-free weather.

But we are responsible for the polluted weather in our cities.

Not more to write now. I am giving you the food for your thought. I am trying to contribute towards the betterment of the society by my writing. I do not that how much I will be successful. But at least I am trying. Are you?

If you agree or disagree with my views then please leave your comment and share your point of view also.


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  1. Hi Winner science team,

    Congratulations ! Excellent initiative for starting such a website striving to provide a robust platform for the budding scientist in each one of us (children,students,professionals,homemakers,retired folks).

    I liked the idea that science need not be confined to just material, physical and biological sciences.

    There are scientific aspects in other fields of knowledge as well such as spirituality, philosophy, fine arts, history etc

    We, as educated citizens of the India and the global community at large, should strive to use science to the benefit of one and all in the society.

    There are several areas where I have always wanted to use science to our benefit, but never got down to implement it.

    I want to grow organic fruits and vegetables in the apartment’s balconies .This would check the toxins that we take in when we eat our daily dose of fruits and vegetables bought from nearby vegetable market.

    I wish to learn some simple tests that could detect the presence of harmful pesticides in the fruits/vegetables

    I am also worried about the rampant adulteration of the milk that we take in .

    If government lab infrastructure is inadequate to test adulteration , let us setup small scientific labs in our houses to test the daily fruits/veg/milk quality.

    Can some of you give me some gyan on these?

    Also , I feel there is one science which we have not given due importance to .

    This is the of science of belonging to a community ( I am not talking about caste/religion based communities here ) . I am talking about communities based on mutual respect for our immediate neighbors, fellow citizens in our city,state,country and the world at large.

    At a time , when 1/3 of our countrymen dont have access to adequate food and water , we see food being wasted by the rest 2/3 of us ,specially on social occasions like marriages and parties.

    At a time when many of us have to go to far off places to fetch a pool of water , we see water being wasted by those of us who have 24 hour access to water.

    At a time when many of us sweat it out for want of electricity , we see electricity being wasted by those of us who have 24 hrs supply of electricity .

    At a time , when many of us have to go for long distances on foot or bicycle for being unable to afford a motored vehicle and/or the rising fuel costs, we see many of us driving big cars in metros .

    We blame the government for lack of facilities, but we have only ourselves to be blamed . Any democratically elected government is only as good as the citizens who elect it .

    It need collective will and broad horizon to rise above individual interests to make a great nation.

    It needs sacrifices from at least a couple of generations to lift the nation from its current state of apathy and corruption to being a nation that the world would look forward to for inspiration.

    R we game for the change in each of us , which is long overdue …..

    If yes , then we need to come up with our individual charter that work towards this common goal of working towards being part of a great nation.

    A charter could be something like:

    1. Say no to corruption ?( Difficult but give it a try … I am sure it would make a difference)
    2. Avoid dealing in black money . Pay your taxes honestly and then demand that government takes accountability/responsibility for each rupee that you pay as tax.
    3. Have mutual respect for fellow citizens but without intruding into their privacy.
    4. Respect Indian culture and heritage. It has much to be learned from. Good to know English to work in MNCs but should treat our mother tongue equally with respect .
    5. Don’t litter.
    6. Adopt neighborhood parks and make sure that they are not encroached upon for social and other functions. Put pressure on local bodies to have adequate provisions for separate party lawns, vegetable markets and parking lots in the master plan so that residents don’t have to worry in the future .Parks are hard to come by ,and they are the lungs of the society which owe at least some greens , specially for kids and elderly people to look forward to.
    7. Be physically active to be more productive citizens.
    8. Avoid wastage of any kind ( food,water,electricity,fuel etc)
    9. Donate clothes that you don’t use to someone who may be shivering in the cold out there
    10. Try to have at least that much interest in polictics that you know who is the contestant who deserve your vote based on the work they have done in the past ,or their agenda of the future development. This decision should not be based on the caste,religion or financial prowess of the candidate.
    11. Say no to child labour . Avoid asking your maid to have his daughter come over to baby sit your children. Encourage her to send her children ( including daughters) to school. It would be worthwhile to consider buying dishwasher ,fully automatic washing machine and vacuum cleaner ( subject to affordability ) . It may or may not save you money but certainly would help you do some light exercise yourself if you operate them yourself or ease out the work pressure for your maid so that she can spend some more time with her children. Make sure that she spends the time gained in looking after her children rather than going and finding some more work. Ask her to show you her children’s school report card.
    12. Giving money to children begging on the traffic lights would not help . Making sure that they go to school would.

    Let us keep the ideas flowing and also have perseverance in implementing the ideas.



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