Example of diamagnetic materials

Those materials which when placed in a magnetic field become weakly magnetized in a direction opposite to that of the applied field, are called as diamagnetic materials.

Example: bismuth, antimony, copper, gold, quartz, mercury, water, alcohol, air, hydrogen etc..

Reference: This article is referred from my book “electrical engineering materials” having ISBN 978-81-272-5069-0. In case of any doubt, you can put your question in the comment section.

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  1. The internal magnetic field of a superconductor is 0, even if a (weak) external field is applied. This means that the magnetic susceptibility of superconductors is -1 (i.e. they behave like perfect diamagnets). This field needs to be weak as, if a large field is applied, the material becomes no longer superconducting. Hope this helped!

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