Twin paradox in relativity

Paradox means confusion and meaning of twins you know. This is related with the concept of time dilation in relativity. Suppose there are twins A and B.

In the twin paradox, one of the twins say A was sent to space in a spaceship which is traveling with a speed comparative to the speed of the light. B remains at earth.

So according to the time dilation, time should be dilated (increased) or in other words clock should be moving slower. But out of A and B, whom clock should be slower? In other words, whose age will be different after certain time?

According to B (which remains at earth), age of A will be different as he is travelling with relativistic speed. But according to A, age of B will be different as he is travelling with relativistic speed in opposite direction.

So who is speaking truth? Both are right at their places. This is called twin paradox.

What is your view on this?

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