3 important properties of nucleus

Some of the important properties of atomic nucleus are given below :

(a)   Nuclear charge : The charge on the nucleus is due to protons contained in it. The charge on each proton is + 1.6 x 10-19 coulomb which is equal in magnitude to thecharge of an electron. Taking the charge of a proton as one unit, the total charge on the nucleus is numerically equal to the numberof protons. For example, a hydrogen nucleus (i.e., proton) carries a single unit charge. Continue reading “3 important properties of nucleus”

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How full wave rectifier operates

Let us discuss today the operation of full wave rectifier:

In the full wave rectifier, two PN junction Diodes (say D1 and D2) a connected in the circuit. A load resistance (RL) is connected in the circuit across which the output is taken.

            Let at any instant S1 is positive and S2 is negative. the diode (D1) is forward biased and diode (D2) is reversed biased so D1 will conduct but D2 will not. Continue reading “How full wave rectifier operates”

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