Electric Lines of Force or Field Lines and Properties

Today we will discuss electric lines of forces and their properties.

Definition of Electric line of force: An electric line of force is a path, straight or curved, such that tangent to it at any point gives the direction of electric field intensity at that point.

In Fig. 1, PQ is an electrostatic line of force. The tangent to the line at any point A gives the direction of electric intensity  EA at A. Similarly, tangent to PQ at B gives the direction of EB, (see Figure)

Fig 1

Let us discuss the direction of electric field lines for different types of charges:

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5 important steps to write a good Science book

Many of us want to write or author a book but sometimes feels very difficult to go ahead. The main reason is not to know how to proceed and where and whom to contact. Therefore, dear friends, let us discuss step by step how to proceed to write a good science book.

Step 1: Identify the topic of your choice

First and foremost, we must have to identify good science and interesting topic where we are interested about to write a book. For example, if I am from a Physics background, I may have taught many topics related to physics like Lasers, quantum physics, Electromagnetic field theory, and so on. But we must identify the topic where you are most interested and why do you want to write a book.

Step 2: To Finalize the Synopsis of the book and chapters

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6 major reasons why research papers are rejected by journals

Dear Friends,

Many of us do research as students and faculty. We want to write research manuscripts or research papers on the basis of our research work and then submit the research paper to a reputed peer-reviewed journal. But many times, our manuscript or research paper is not accepted or in other words rejected by the journal Editorial team. Let us discuss the 6 main reasons for rejection of research paper and discuss how to write a good research paper:

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9 most important Properties of Gravitational force

Dear friends, we all are aware of the gravitational force and in one of my previous articles, we have discussed the force of gravitation. Today we learn about the various properties or characteristics of gravitational force. Lets us discuss them one by one:

  1. The gravitational force between two objects forms an action and reaction pair.
  2. It is always attractive. The gravitational force is never repulsive
  3. It is a central force that is gravitational force acts along the line joining the centers of the two objects.
  4. It is a conservative force that is it depends upon initial and final positions, not on the path.
  5. It is a long range force.
  6. It is independent of the presence or absence of other objects in the neighborhood.
  7. It is independent of the nature of the intervening medium between the two objects.
  8. It does not depend upon the nature and the size of the two objects till their masses remains the same and the distance between their centres remains fixed.
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Should one take acidic liquid items in copper bottle: My experience

Hello friends,

Today I want to share my personal bad experience with you. You must have heard that copper is good for health and many of us drink water in copper bottle or glass. Many of us drink water in copper bottle or glass by storing water through out night and then drink water in morning in empty stomach.

I have suffered from fever few days back and also stomach was upset. One day before going for office in morning, I thought of mixing oral rehydration salts (ORS) available commonly in market chemist shop. The ORS is used to replace lost fluid in body. It has sodium, potassium glucose etc. So it is very good in case of dehydration.

Thus I have mixed ORS with water placed in copper bottle. Then I went for office and drank water regularly. At about 3 pm, I again drank water placed in copper bottle but it was quite bitter at that time. Therefore I left it. But after some time I have constant bitter taste in my mouth. When I reached home, I was feeling nausea and stomach pain. Then by chance I saw the color of water. To my surprise, the color of water was blue.

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How to save water by doing small things

Dear Friends, Our earth is going through a very vital phase. We are facing shortage of water due to water crisis in many parts of world. But there are many persons among us who waste water like any thing. They do not want to listen to any one. It is our responsibility to tell them that water is necessity and we have to save water for us and for others. There may be many methods to save water, to recycle it.

I want to share one of the methods that I have adopted personally to recycle water. Most of us have flower pots in our house where we take care of our plants like our kids. We give them food, water, sun light so that they can grow.

water is life

We also have ROs filters that is reverse osmosis filters installed in our homes also. When we fill water in the tank of ROs then we must have seen that water gets filtered and water also comes through the side pipe. It was getting wasted. This water was going into sink and getting waste. One day I thought to use this water and placed an empty jug under it. When the jug got filled with water, I have used this water to water the plants in flower pots. This way I have reused the water getting waste and did my little bit to save water.

Dear Friends, You may also suggest little bit methods to save water or reuse or recycle water for our Dearest Earth. Please drop your suggestions in comment boox.