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If you or your friends or family members are doing MBA or masters in commerce or graduation in management or commerce or in economics, then you will be pleased to hear that we have started a new blog called The blog will be very very useful for the management students.

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The name consists of two words “management” and “education”. Therefore as the name suggests, this blog will educate you with the articles related to the management and management institutes. You will find information about various fields like:

marketing management, financial management, human resource management, accounts, financial management, income tax, business environment, international trade, stocks, insurance, investment, how to save tax, quantitative techniques, economics, management institutes and lots of other related information.

You will find information about best business institutes of the world and how to get admission there?

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Pricing methods or pricing strategies in marketing

There are different pricing methods or strategies which are used by the marketer to attract the customer.

1.) Cost based pricing: this type of pricing strategies uses break even concept which means the point where the total cost = total revenue. Profit will be zero at break even point. At level where the total revenue > total cost there is profit and where total revenue< total cost there is loss. Continue reading “Pricing methods or pricing strategies in marketing”

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Price bundling and its types

Price bundling:

It is the practice of selling two or more separate products together for a single price. This is usually done in case of goods which are sold as package. Like mobile phone with data cable, cover, head phone etc. it is of three types:

1.) Pure bundling: this type of price bundling is used where two products can be sold only as package. For example a new pen is always sold with its refill.

2. )Mixed bundling: it is used when the product can be sold separately as well as a bundle. For example pizza hut’s pan for four.

3. ) Tying: in this case a main product is purchased with the complementary product. Like nail polish is purchased with its complementary product nail polish remover.

price bundling and its types

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Pricing decision in marketing

Pricing decision

Price is the amount which is charged by the manufacturer for the goods. It is the only element of marketing mix which generates revenue and profit to the company. For a manufacturer it is the quantity of the money received by the firm and for a consumer it is the quantity of the goods and services received by the buyer. Continue reading “Pricing decision in marketing”

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8 Stages of Product development process

Now a day the companies are spending lot of expenditure on development of the product. As it is very difficult for the company to carry on with the existing product. So developing a new product development policy is very essential for the survival and growth of the company. Product development process passes through eight stages and they are discussed below: Continue reading “8 Stages of Product development process”

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