Influence of Sunlight on the breakdown of medicines in the body

Note from Winnerscience: Dear friends, we all know that sunlight is very essential for our body especially for the bones. Now in a new study conducted by the researchers at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute has proved that the sunlight can influence the breakdown of medicines in the body. Therefore, the breakdown of medicines can vary with the seasons that are it will be different in winters than the summers. Let us elaborate it further: Continue reading “Influence of Sunlight on the breakdown of medicines in the body”

Career in Pharmacovigilance

Dear Friends, yesterday winnerscience has posted admission alert about one year PG Diploma programme in Pharmacovigilance offered by Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi.

Do you know what pharmacovigilance is? Lets discuss it: Read more

Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi Admissions

Admissions in

a) PG diploma in Bioanalytical Techniques and

b) PG diploma in Pharmacovigilance

Last date to apply is 17 Feb, 2011.

For complete information, visit:

Note: Pharmacovigilance is a discipline which is related with the identifying, validating, quantifying, evaluating and minimizing the long term and short term adverse effects of medicine thereby increasing the safety of drugs in use. It is a study of drug related adverse effect carried out by pharmaceutical industries to suggest warnings and recommendation for product withdrawal.