Marketing Management

Target marketing and mass marketing

Target marketing means to focus on one or more selected market while mass marketing means to satisfy everybody in the market. For example: Johnson baby products are targeted only on baby products; while lux used to practice mass marketing.

Types of target marketing

1.) Undifferentiated marketing:- this kind of marketing is also called mass   marketing.   In which there is only one product and the firm tries to draw the attention of the consumer with only one product for this purpose the firm uses mass marketing, mass advertising. Like lux soap.

2.) Undifferentiated marketing:- this type of marketing is also called segmented marketing. Here the firm divides the market in different segments and offer different products for each segment. Like Hindustan liver ltd. Offer different brands of soaps, detergents to suit every class of buyer.

3.) Concentrated marketing:- another name of this kind of marketing is niche marketing. Under this kind of marketing the company goes for a larger share of small market or niche. As this lead to increase their profit. Like aroma magic products concentrated only on aroma products.

4.) Micro marketing:- this is also called local or individual marketing. This kind of marketing aims at satisfying local or individual needs. Like customized tailoring.

Therefore in summary following are the important types of target marketing.

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