Transverse magnetic waves in parallel planes


In this case, the component of magnetic field vector H lies in the plane transverse to the direction of propagation that is there is no component of H along the direction of propagation where as component of electric field vector E lies along the direction of propagation.

Derivation transverse magnetic waves between parallel planes:

As the direction of propagation is assumed as z-direction, therefore,

Hz = 0, Ez not equals to 0

By substituting Hz = 0 in equation, we get

Hx = 0, Ey = 0,and Ex not equals to 0, Hy not equals to 0

Now write wave equation for free space in term of H Continue reading “Transverse magnetic waves in parallel planes”

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Waves between parallel planes

Let us discuss how waves propagate through parallel planes and derive the necessary relation of transverse electric and magnetic waves:

Assumptions :

(a)  Pair of parallel planes are perfectly conducting.

(b)  Separation between the planes is ‘a’ meter in x – direction.

(c)  Space between planes is perfect dielectric (σ = 0) of permittivity ε and permeability μ.

(d)  Planes are of infinite extent in the y and z direction. Continue reading “Waves between parallel planes”

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