Transverse magnetic waves in parallel planes


In this case, the component of magnetic field vector H lies in the plane transverse to the direction of propagation that is there is no component of H along the direction of propagation where as component of electric field vector E lies along the direction of propagation.

Derivation transverse magnetic waves between parallel planes:

As the direction of propagation is assumed as z-direction, therefore,

Hz = 0, Ez not equals to 0

By substituting Hz = 0 in equation, we get

Hx = 0, Ey = 0,and Ex not equals to 0, Hy not equals to 0

Now write wave equation for free space in term of H Continue reading “Transverse magnetic waves in parallel planes”

Waves between parallel planes

Let us discuss how waves propagate through parallel planes and derive the necessary relation of transverse electric and magnetic waves:

Assumptions :

(a)  Pair of parallel planes are perfectly conducting.

(b)  Separation between the planes is ‘a’ meter in x – direction.

(c)  Space between planes is perfect dielectric (σ = 0) of permittivity ε and permeability μ.

(d)  Planes are of infinite extent in the y and z direction. Continue reading “Waves between parallel planes”