What is Science and types of Science?

Dear Friends, today we will discuss the basic definition of science and try to understand the meaning of Science.

In everyday life, we see very beautiful phenomenon like rainbow, blue sky, red sun during sunrise and sunset etc. We see astronauts going to space. Now after every these processes, there is Science.

Origin of Term Science:

Science term is originated from laten term SCIENTIA which means to know or Knowledge. It means science means to have knowledge of something. One can see the worldhistory website also regarding origin of term science.

Scientists all over the world do theoretical and experimental research and this research is applied in various fields like Physics, chemistry, environment, energy etc.

Types of Science:

Science can be broadly classified into three categories:

a) Physical Science like Physics, Chemistry etc

b) Earth Science like Geologist, Environmentalist etc.

c) Life Science like Agriculturist etc.

This is the basic definition of Science and their types. I hope you have understood.

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