How to find a Journal is SCIE Indexed or not

Many researchers want to publish research papers in reputed journals. Now what is the criteria or parameter of a reputed journal? One of the them is that journal must be indexed as SCI or in SCIE indexed. SCIE means Science citation indexed Expanded. There is another indexing that is Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

Purpose of Indexing:

The purpose of these indexing like SCI, SCIE or ESCI to give assurance to researchers that they are submitting their manuscripts in reputed journals for consideration of publication. Researchers or authors also be aware that how to write a good research paper or a book.

Now the next question arises how to find a journal is SCIE indexed or not? Or how to find a journal is ESCI indexed or not? Or how to find a journal is in the list of web of science or not?

Steps to find SCIE indexed journal?

To give answer to these questions, one has to search the following website and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Type the name of journal or ISSN or a type word related to journal

Step 2: After clicking the search button, you will find the list of journals related to your search. You have to select which journal you are looking for.

Step 3: In the selected journal, you will find the information about publisher name in first heading, ISSN/sISSN in second heading and most important the SCIE or ESCI information in third heading of web of science core collection and in last heading you will find additional web of science indexes.

By this very important and useful website you will find a journal is SCIE or ESCI indexed or not. Please try and share your experience in comments section.

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