10 Properties of gamma rays

Let us today discuss the 10 properties or characteristics of gamma rays.

1.      Gamma, γ-rays are not deflected by electric and magnetic fields. It shows that they do not have any charge.

2.      Gamma, γ-rays are electromagnetic waves like X-rays. The wavelength of γ-ray photon is smaller than that of X-rays.

3.      The rest mass of a Gamma, γ-ray photon is zero. (Photon has mass zero but it has momentum, why?)

4.      Gamma, γ-rays travel with the speed of light.

5.      Gamma, γ-rays have very large penetrating power. They can pass through several centimeter of iron and lead.

6.      Gamma, γ-rays can produce fluorescene in a substance like willimite.

7.      Gamma, γ-rays affect a photographic plate more than β-particles.

8.      Gamma, γ-rays can knock out electrons from the surface of a metal, on which they may fall.

9.      Gamma, γ-rays can produce nuclear reactions.

10.  Gamma, γ-rays have got small ionizing power.

These are the 10 main properties of gamma rays, if you know more please share with us.

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