Properties of beta particles

Last time I have discussed the properties of alpha particles. Toady let us discuss the important properties or characteristics of beta (β) particles:

  1. A beta (β)- particle carries 1.6 x 10-19 C of negative charge, which is the charge on an electron.
  2. The mass of β-particle is 9.1 x 10-31 kg, which is the same as that of electron.
  3. The velocity of β-particles ranges from 33% to 99% of the velocity of light.
  4. The β-particles ionize the gas through which they pass, but their ionizing power is only 1/100th that of α-particles.
  5. Because of small mass, the penetrating power of β-particles is very large.
  6. The β-particles can also produce fluorescence in certain substance like barium-plantinocyanide and zinc sulphide.
  7. They affect a photographic plate.
  8. They are deflected by electric and magnetic fields, showing that they carry negative charge.

These are the important properties or characteristics of beta particles. If you know more please share with us.

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