Human is the Passé, here comes the Robos!

Today with constant improvisation in Science and Technology, we are in a fast period of progression and production!

One of the technological advancements that make living easy and much more convenient is indubitably the invention of robots. Robots are men-like machines that are capable of performing any scale of tedious tasks, they are programmed for. They have shown a remarkable contribution in cut down the human work load especially in industries.   

Over a time, robots have become an indispensable part of industries. Usually the type of job encountered by laborers these days is both repetitive and humdrum. People who perform the similar task for a long period of time tend to get bored and tired or even might arrive at a point wherein they are not willing to do it. At this point, the efficiency level of that specific person would be zero. Also, being a human, we get fatigued, so the working duration we can work is limited. Here, arises the need for robots. They can be set to perform for long span of time, producing the same quantity and quality products all throughout various channels of production procedure. Yet, it eventually results in increased quality-manufacturing products over the less defective products.

Industries have gained a lot of benefits out of robotics and automation engineering. The productivity and profit level of the business organizations has increased manifolds. The loss is almost extinct due to non-production of defective goods. The engineering is wide-spreading and forming a top choice among millions of budding aspirants. It acts as a platform where the students get an opportunity to learn the various applications surrounding the real and virtual world.

R & A Engineering is the hottest interdisciplinary field of technology which deals with developing, controlling, maintaining and designing the programming for robots. One must be expert in the areas of computers, electronics, computers, biology and science while creating a Robo. The course opens up a myriad of job opportunities for the engineers in different fields likes of manufacturing, nuclear, agriculture, research and innovation, power-plant maintenance, mining and many more.

Author :

Mr. Gurkirat Singh is the writer of this article who is working in Gulzar Group of Institutes, in Khanna (Punjab), is one of the leading  engineering college in north India. It also offers an engineering degree in Robotics and Automation.

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