What is difference between Science and Engineering

Hello friends, You must have heard the terms Physics, Chemistry, Biology and at the same time, you have heard the terms like computer science and engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering etc. Today, we will learn the difference between Science and Engineering.

What a Scientist does:

The physics, chemistry, biology etc comes under the purview of Science. Now what a scientist do?

Scientist basically study natural phenomenon like Newton studied why apple fallen from tree? Thus, he gave a scientific concept, that is what is law of Gravitation? Similarly there are Newton’s first, second and third law. Similarly there is Darwin theory, various Einstein laws etc.

What an Engineer does:

On the other hand, Engineers do the Applied work that is how a science concept may be applied to create a new product or design a new product using various available science laws, mathematical concepts etc.

Explanation with Examples:

Physics and Mathematics as Science and Computer Science as Engineering: A Physics is a science where we learn about nature, basic principles and laws like Newton’s law as explained above, like photosynthesis etc. Similarly is mathematics, we learn  basic concepts. Computer Science as engineering, one can apply mathematical concepts to create programs that may be helpful to design software.

Do you know there is a field in Physics that is glasses where one can synthesis glasses and study teir properties. But there is another field like Glass engineering where Engineers can make Gorilla glass used in mobiles.

Chemistry as Science and Chemical Engineering: In chemistry, we learn reactions like Transesterification is a reaction to convert triglycerides to monoglycerides. But in chemical engineering, same reaction is applied to make biodiesel that is again monoglycerides.

Career options in Science and Engineering:

There are many career options in Science and Engineering. Like in Sciences, one can do Post graduation and the PhD to become researcher, Scientific officer, teachers, project leader etc. One can pursue pure Sciences to make career.

In Engineering, computer science engineer can become the software engineers or hardware engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, environmental engineers etc. There are various career options after doing B.Tech. CSE.


To conclude, one may say that both science and engineering are complementary to each other.

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