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Why Pursuing Pure Sciences is Perfect for a career in education

For most of us, the assumption is that, the professional science degrees gain a lot of levee than pure science subjects. Pure streams are rarely a first choice. Students prefer engineering and medical than physics, chemistry, maths and biology. They assume that the pay and job security is much higher than studying a pure science course. But the truth is far from it. The fact that as a pure science student you get an opportunity to be a part of a bigger crowd – of educators, researchers, developers, innovators etc. These jobs is much more diverse, secure and rewarding than any other job. The best part is, that you can do all of this side by side, as professor you can be a researcher, a developer and many more. If you choose to be an educator, you get an opportunity to witness transition and evolution first hand. So if you are one of those who love the finer things of life, and would want a career as a future professor – Pure Sciences is definitely a way to go.

Here is why pure sciences is perfect for you.

  1. In depth knowledge of the subject: The best of educators are those whose knowledge surpasses most. They are the ones who are a whole enchilada of knowledge. Any question you ask them, the answer would be spontaneous. This is one of the reasons why in pure streams make better teachers. They have more in depth knowledge about the subject, this proves to be beneficial to both students and teachers.

  1. More Practical Experience: As an engineer or a doctor you are more toned down to a specific skill set. Though they are equally good and important – but as a pure science student and if you want to pursue a career in the education world – you tend have a wide knowledge base than them and also the freedom of more practical experience in any sub field or fields. You are not tied down to one part of the subject. For example if you have Physics as your core subject – the possibility to learn about all the sub fields of physics if desired by you is more like nuclear, aerodynamics, aeronautical etc. Plus as you grow – the practical knowledge never ceases. You would always be a part of new inventions and testing new technologies etc.

  1. Research Opportunities: Most students who have done professional courses end up going into the corporate world. Very few opt for the vibrant line of research. To be the heart of everything new. As a pure science student you have the golden opportunity to be front and center of brand new possibilities.

  1. Upto date with the current technologies: As a science student and someone who progress to become an extremely qualified professor – you are always up to date with current technologies. You would be a part of an elite group that is not only responsible for these new technologies but also you would be the sole proprietor of spreading these technologies to a larger audience. Your students would look upto you to impart them knowledge about these technologies.


  1. Networking: As a pure science you get make a lot of connections through the people you meet, where you intern, you professors and peers etc. Your current network of people consists of future CEO’s, entrepreneurs, award winning professionals etc. They become your strong backbone in the long run.

As a pure science student, you have a whole wide world in front of you. Your possibilities are immense. You can get into research, development, education and many more. Your knowledge base in wider and the opportunity to become the next Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Hermann Muller, Werner Heisenberg and many more.

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