WinnerScience Innovative Idea Contest -2015 (WIIC-2015)

Dear friends,

Today we proudly announce the First WinnerScience Innovative Idea Contest- 2015 (WIIC-2015).


The objective of the WIIC is to encourage the students to solve the daily life problems with easy and innovative methods. The aim of the contest is to get the idea from your side, the idea may be in the idea form only or it may be in the practical form also. The proposal should focus on to solve the problems and it may be related to any field of science.

More Information:

For further information, elaboration and other important information like eligibility, qualifications benefits to participants, format to submit proposal (like number of words, font size etc.), last date of submission, winner announcements, type of entry (individual or team) etc., please email:

In case of any doubt, you can also email. Looking forward for your participation.




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