Force and Pressure

Relationship between Pressure, Force and Surface Area

Hello Friends, We have learnt the concept of force, its effects, its types, and balanced and unbalanced forces in our previous articles. Have you ever thought why the school bags are provided with broad strips than thin strip?

In second case, Please try to cut vegetable with a blunt knife rather than sharp knife but under the supervision of your parents or guardian or cook.

In third case, try to insert the nail (cap side) in a wall with hammer first then try to insert the nail having pointed end into the wall.

In all the the three cases, we are applying some force. Like in vegetable cutting case, force by knife, in nail case, force by hammer. There is area involve also. Like in First case, strip of bag, second case blunt or sharp size of knife, in third case cap pr pointed end of nail.

Thus Force is applying on certain area. This Force per unit area is known as Pressure.

Definition of Pressure

That is Pressure = Force/Area. If area is more, the pressure will be lesser. Like in the hammer case, for if we try to insert side of nail having cap inside the wall, then less pressure is applied. If we try to insert the pointed end of nail, then area is less and more pressure is applied. In both these case, Force applied is same. Thus it is easier to insert nail having pointed side with same force applied but having less area.

Now you can think and give answer for another cases, why school bags must have broad strips? Why sharp knife is better to cut vegetables? You can think about many other daily like examples where concept of pressure is used. Thus remember, Pressure = Force/Area.

I hope you have understood the concept of pressure. Thus the relationship between pressure, force and area.

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