What is Physics and its applications

Dear Friends, the beautiful term Physics is originated from Greek word “Fusis” means “Nature”. Thus physics is study of Nature and various natural phenomenon.

Let us think about many things that you feel, observe or see during your daily routine. You woke with a sound of alarm. Thus, basically what is sound, how it reaches your ear is again the branch of Physics that is known as Acoustics.

Let us take another example, why sky is blue? This is again due to a wonderful phenomenon of nature that is Scattering.

If someone got fracture and how to diagnose it. Of course, many times with X rays and many times a serious disease with MRI. This is again Physics.

How astronauts travel to space. By using many applications pf Physics like gravity etc.

How light travels, this is studied by another branch pf Physics that is Optics.

How water is used to generate electricity, how wind mills run, how solar energy trapped and generate electricity, and there are so many examples of Physics and its applications.

On the basis of these applications, Physics may be broadly divided into following types but not limited to this only:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Optics
  3. Energy
  4. High Energy
  5. Relativity
  6. Electrodynamics
  7. Superconductivity
  8. Nuclear Physics
  9. Particle Physics
  10. Quantum Physics
  11. Semiconductor Physics
  12. Astronomy
  13. Acoustics
  14. Thermodynamics
  15. Condensed matter Physics

Thus, there are so many applications of Physics. One can say that many applications, equations, concepts of Mathematics, chemistry, biology are originated from Physics.

This is all about Physics, a beautiful branch of Science. Please share the examples of Physics that you observe in your daily life in comments section. Thanks.

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