Should one take acidic liquid items in copper bottle: My experience

Hello friends,

Today I want to share my personal bad experience with you. You must have heard that copper is good for health and many of us drink water in copper bottle or glass. Many of us drink water in copper bottle or glass by storing water through out night and then drink water in morning in empty stomach.

I have suffered from fever few days back and also stomach was upset. One day before going for office in morning, I thought of mixing oral rehydration salts (ORS) available commonly in market chemist shop. The ORS is used to replace lost fluid in body. It has sodium, potassium glucose etc. So it is very good in case of dehydration.

Thus I have mixed ORS with water placed in copper bottle. Then I went for office and drank water regularly. At about 3 pm, I again drank water placed in copper bottle but it was quite bitter at that time. Therefore I left it. But after some time I have constant bitter taste in my mouth. When I reached home, I was feeling nausea and stomach pain. Then by chance I saw the color of water. To my surprise, the color of water was blue.

As I have science back ground (but not chemistry), I immediately reached a conclusion that copper reacted with some salt of ORS. Then I immediately contacted doctor on phone. He suggested to continuously drink water and donot sleep. I did the same but stomach pain was still there and with nausea and bitter taste of mouth. But I continuously drank water so that any toxic thing should be removed from my body. At about midnight, I slept and in the morning I was feeling much better.

This was my bad experience after drinking mix of water and ORS in copper bottle. But why did it happen? Of course copper reacted with acidic things like lemon etc. and converted to something toxic. Copper toxicity happened due to reaction. You may please share the possible reasons in comment section.

Thus we should drink plane water in copper bottle even that in morning only preferably in empty stomach. Because in whole of the day, we take acidic food items and even if we take plane water in copper bottle, it may produce toxic effect. Copper containers are very good to drink water but my suggestion is to take water in it in morning with empty stomach.

Thus as per my knowledge one should not mix acidic food items in water in copper bottle or even do not mix anything else without knowledge.

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