State and prove Newton’s 3rd Law

Newton’s third law is a very important law and very common law. Consider two objects 1 and 2 moving along the same straight line in an isolated system. Let the two bodies mutually collide so that they act or react with each other. Due to collision, the velocity of the two bodies change and hence their momenta also change.

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Should one take acidic liquid items in copper bottle: My experience

Hello friends,

Today I want to share my personal bad experience with you. You must have heard that copper is good for health and many of us drink water in copper bottle or glass. Many of us drink water in copper bottle or glass by storing water through out night and then drink water in morning in empty stomach.

I have suffered from fever few days back and also stomach was upset. One day before going for office in morning, I thought of mixing oral rehydration salts (ORS) available commonly in market chemist shop. The ORS is used to replace lost fluid in body. It has sodium, potassium glucose etc. So it is very good in case of dehydration.

Thus I have mixed ORS with water placed in copper bottle. Then I went for office and drank water regularly. At about 3 pm, I again drank water placed in copper bottle but it was quite bitter at that time. Therefore I left it. But after some time I have constant bitter taste in my mouth. When I reached home, I was feeling nausea and stomach pain. Then by chance I saw the color of water. To my surprise, the color of water was blue.

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How to save water by doing small things

Dear Friends, Our earth is going through a very vital phase. We are facing shortage of water due to water crisis in many parts of world. But there are many persons among us who waste water like any thing. They do not want to listen to any one. It is our responsibility to tell them that water is necessity and we have to save water for us and for others. There may be many methods to save water, to recycle it.

I want to share one of the methods that I have adopted personally to recycle water. Most of us have flower pots in our house where we take care of our plants like our kids. We give them food, water, sun light so that they can grow.

water is life

We also have ROs filters that is reverse osmosis filters installed in our homes also. When we fill water in the tank of ROs then we must have seen that water gets filtered and water also comes through the side pipe. It was getting wasted. This water was going into sink and getting waste. One day I thought to use this water and placed an empty jug under it. When the jug got filled with water, I have used this water to water the plants in flower pots. This way I have reused the water getting waste and did my little bit to save water.

Dear Friends, You may also suggest little bit methods to save water or reuse or recycle water for our Dearest Earth. Please drop your suggestions in comment boox.

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How Electronic Devices Affect Sleep Quality

Sleep. You remember that? It was that lovely revitalising thing we all used to do every night. Pfft! Not any longer.

It seems these days everyone I speak to, from family members to friends, is suffering from some sleeping disorder or another. If it isn’t problems falling to sleep, it’s frequent waking and in some cases full blown insomnia. Eek! Continue reading “How Electronic Devices Affect Sleep Quality”

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Meaning of Renewable energy and 6 major types of renewable energy

Meaning of renewable energy:

The term renewable energy is very popular now a days. Due to depletion of other resources of energy, there is need of other sources of energy. Let us first discuss the meaning of renewable. As the name suggests the term Renewable consists of two terms. One is “Renew” means “which can be used again and again” and second term is “able”. Thus renewable means which is able to be used again and again. Continue reading “Meaning of Renewable energy and 6 major types of renewable energy”

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Production or origin of Continuous X rays

Last time, we have discussed about the origin of name of x rays that is why x rays are known as x rays.

Today, we will discuss how x rays are produced? It is proved that whenever fast moving electrons strike a target material of high atomic number and high melting point x rays are produced. But what happen after the collision of electrons? Why and how x rays are produced then? Let us discuss it:

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