Applications of superconductors

Superconductors are useful in a number of following applications:

1. Generation and transmission of electric power.

2. Medical diagnosis

3. Electromagnets (superconducting magnets):

The type 2 superconducting wires are wound in the form of solenoids to generate strong magnetic field.

4. In making of Super computers

5. Magnetically levitating world’s fastest trains.

6. Magnetic Energy storage Devices.

7. Electromagnetic  shielding

8. Superconducting transformers.

9. In medical industry as superconducting quantum Interferometers (SQUIDS).

10. Bearings:

. The Meissner effect is made use of in the bearings.

11. High power transmission lines:

. The superconducting cables permit high power transmission without the power loss.

12. Particle accelerators:

As Superconductors has very poor mechanical strength, therefore superconducting solenoid is already in use to provide the high magnetic fields needed for the large particle accelerators using Nb3Sn

13. In magnetic trains or maglev trains

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