Black Holes

How Black Holes are Formed or created?

Are black holes really black? Let us try to understand what happened when a star die?

What is inside a star? Forget about other things. Let us concentrate that only hydrogen is there (of course other atoms are there also) and with help of fusion reaction hydrogen combine to form helium and in fusion lots of heat is released that acts as fuel for star to burn. But inside a star, there is gravity that always act in a direction opposite to the direction of fuel. It means fuel and gravity balance each other and the star burns. Now everything has a life time. Star also.

The continuous burning of fuel will lead to fusion process to become weak and other elements in star also burn or combine except iron to release heat. But when there remains only iron, then there is no heat energy released, it means there is no fuel to make the star shine or alive. Now the gravity will dominate and under the influence of this gravity the whole mass of star will start to squeeze at a point and star will become denser and denser and infinite dense.  (From where this gravity comes? Gravity is due to Newton’s law of gravitation that is all the matter in this universe attracts each other.)

Let us go into the history of Einstein general theory of relativity. As per his theory, when a massive star die and when the core mass will become atleast three times th mass of sun, then the force of gravity is the most dominant force and the balck hole will originate.

But wait, there is nothing like hole here. As notning can escape from here not even light, that is why it is known as black hole as it is absorbing everything not reflecting anything.

Thus black hole means that in a very very small area, extreme amount of matter is packed so it is very dense area so has immense gravity that nothing can escape.

This is how a Black hole is formed. In the coming articles, I will discuss the parts or components or anatomy of black holes. Also, I will discuss the Types of Black holes. One can study about the Black holes from NASA website also.

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