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Difference between Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Hello Friends, we have discussed about force, effect of force and types of forces. Today we will discuss the Difference between Balanced and Unbalanced Forces. Have you ever played tug of war with your friends? You along with your friends are on one side and some of your friends on other side in a game of tug of war.

Tug of war

What happened after sometime, one team wins and other loose. Why? Its due to the fact that the winning team applied more force towards them and the opposite to force applied by losing team. For example, winning team, applied force F1 and losing team F2 and if F1 will be more than F2 then team applying force F1 will win.

In this case, there are two forces F1 and F2 and both are not equal. Thus these types of forces which are not equal and due to which there is change in the rest or motion and there may be change in the size or shape, are known as Unbalanced forces. Change is size or shape means, if there are two forces applied on a football but in opposite direction then there be change in shape of football.

Unbalanced Forces:

Thus, unbalanced forces means the forces wchich may have following two effects:

a) change in state of rest or motion,

b) Change in size and shape of object.

Balanced Forces:

Suppose if in tug of war game, both sides apply same force that F1 equals to F2. Then there will be no winner or looser. If there is a block, and two persons are pushing it from opposite sides with force F1 and F2 respectively. If F1 and F2 are equal, will the block move to either side. The answer is NO.

So those forces which are equal and opposite are known as balanced forces. But these forces may change the shape or size of the object.

This is all about the difference between the balanced and unbalanced forces. I have you have understood the differences. Do read about the interesting story of force and the story of Types of Force.

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