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Story of Force and its effects

Hello friends,

Have you ever heard the story of force and its effect? I will narrate the same. Once upon a time, there were five friends named A, B, C, D, and E.

They were playing in the playground with a football. Friend A told to everyone that football is at Rest (means not moving) and I will kick it and will change its state to motion. Thus I am strongest.

Second Friend B told that I can stop the ball or decrease the speed of football. Thus I am strongest.

Third friend C told that I can change the direction of moving the football with my kick. Thus I am strongest.

The fourth friend told that I can change the shape of football using my hands. Thus I am strongest.

The fifth friend told that I can do each and everything of all of you mentioned. Thus I am the strongest one.

So, every friend felt that he is stronger than others.

Then a sixth person came and told that oh my dear friends, whatever you all are doing its due to me. Everyone called me FORCE. Due to me,

  1. A may change the state of football from Rest to motion,
  2. B may decrease the speed of ball,
  3. C may change the direction of motion,
  4. D may change the shape of ball.
  5. E may do any some of the above or all.

These are known as my Effects or effects of Force.

Then friends asked how do you do all things.

Force F told that I can do it either by Push or pull. Like shutting a door is a push and opening through the inside room is a pull. Opening a drawer is a pull and closing is a push. You all can identify different daily life examples of push or pull. Do you know, even our earth uses me that is known as force of gravity and due to which all other objects are attracted towards earth.

Push and Pull

One final point that you all should know that force always requires at least two objects to interact with each other. In all the above cases like shutting or opening a door or drawer, there is the interaction between door and person or drawer and person. In gravity, the earth and another object interact.

Finally, Force F asked all friends I hope you have understood the meaning of Force, its effects, and the type of Force. All five friends thanked Force and started playing again.

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