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Do you want to be scientist or engineer

Do you want to be a scientist or an engineer? If you are opting for science stream and wondering what will you do after completing your plus two class. In India, most of the students of the non medical stream, after plus two pursue engineering because there is no shortage of engineering colleges in India or outside India. They may not get admission in the best or next best college but surely they will get admission in an engineering college. As we are discussing about science and engineering, let us first discuss the meaning of these two:

Scientists and science: Of course scientists deal with science and vice versa. They basically deal with the study of the laws of the nature, the physical laws and other.

Engineers and engineering: They deal with the design and construction of objects on the basis of certain laws. You can say that a mobile has been developed by a mobile engineer but by using basics laws.

It is also wrong that scientists do not develop the things. You must have heard the term patent. There are numerous examples where scientists have developed the things and applied for patents and got successfully them. Then they are contacted by different industries to let them use their work.

Here I want to share a small story, when I was doing my graduation, I came to know about one of my seniors. He has cleared the IIT exam but opted for BSc and he completed his MSc from one of the best IITs and then PhD and so on.

Thus it is your decision, what do you want to be? There are lots of scope as scientist and engineer. Please share about what do you want to be: scientist or engineer? Whatever may btethe answer do it with quality and our best wishes are with you?

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