Do you want to be scientist or engineer

Do you want to be a scientist or an engineer? If you are opting for science stream and wondering what will you do after completing your plus two class. In India, most of the students of the non medical stream, after plus two pursue engineering because there is no shortage of engineering colleges in India or outside India. They may not get admission in the best or next best college but surely they will get admission in an engineering college. As we are discussing about science and engineering, let us first discuss the meaning of these two: Continue reading “Do you want to be scientist or engineer”

Why Pursuing Pure Sciences is Perfect for a career in education

For most of us, the assumption is that, the professional science degrees gain a lot of levee than pure science subjects. Pure streams are rarely a first choice. Students prefer engineering and medical than physics, chemistry, maths and biology. They assume that the pay and job security is much higher than studying a pure science course. But the truth is far from it. The fact that as a pure science student you get an opportunity to be a part of a bigger crowd – of educators, researchers, developers, innovators etc. These jobs is much more diverse, secure and rewarding than any other job. The best part is, that you can do all of this side by side, as professor you can be a researcher, a developer and many more. If you choose to be an educator, you get an opportunity to witness transition and evolution first hand. So if you are one of those who love the finer things of life, and would want a career as a future professor – Pure Sciences is definitely a way to go. Continue reading “Why Pursuing Pure Sciences is Perfect for a career in education”

Upcoming science fields to do research and make career

There are many many field in the area of science to do research. One should be completely dedicated towards his or her work for the same, then sky is the limit only.

Let us discuss few of the science fields to do research and make career. The following fields are the broad area, the sub area under each of these fields are so many and will be discussed later on:

1. Environmental Science: We all know that our environment is getting degraded day by day. Thus there are so many research topics and career avenues in this field. The environment science as a subject is taught from schools. Continue reading “Upcoming science fields to do research and make career”

Probable interview questions and answers

The following article is contributed by my student Ms. Shivani Bhan.  She is  presently working in Tech Mahindra. I hope it will be beneficial for the students:

Its been 4 years now since I have been working – during this period I have working in 2 companies however I have given more that 15 interviews, not because I wanted to change, but because I wanted to know where the market is going and what they are seeking in a “Business Analyst”. This not only gave me confidence but also let me know some new things that were there in the market and I was unaware of the same coz my present company did not work on it. So its important to keep exploring the market. Discuss your profile, what you do, how you do etc with someone more experienced and seek their advice, learn from their experiences.

I always used to read the JD carefully and then reframe my resume as per same – not exactly – but yes somewhat similar as per the JD. Then I used to read a lot and explore the new topics – so that I am not blank in the interview room – its always better to say u have little knowledge – rather than saying you have not knowledge. Always do ur homework – as in be prepared with all sort of questions that can be asked. Continue reading “Probable interview questions and answers”

Service Selection Board Selection Experience: Part-2- Psychology test

This article is provided by my student Mr. Rajinder Singh Virk for the benefit of others.

Psychology test:

This test is conducted in day-2. This testing forms an integrated and indispensable part of SSB testing. It gives a complete overview of ones thoughts and his thinking capabilities, it gives a clear view to evaluator about ones personality and the qualities being possessed by the individual.

In this test, all the candidates who have been screened in for stage-2 are called in a hall and a dozier is given to them.

Following are the tests which are done with them:

1.Picture perception test (PPT): Continue reading “Service Selection Board Selection Experience: Part-2- Psychology test”