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Upcoming science fields to do research and make career

There are many many field in the area of science to do research. One should be completely dedicated towards his or her work for the same, then sky is the limit only.

Let us discuss few of the science fields to do research and make career. The following fields are the broad area, the sub area under each of these fields are so many and will be discussed later on:

1. Environmental Science: We all know that our environment is getting degraded day by day. Thus there are so many research topics and career avenues in this field. The environment science as a subject is taught from schools.

2. Nano technology: At nano size the properties of things changed, this is the concept to do revolutionary research in this field. Thus explore this area of research also.

Please read: synthesis of nanomaterials

3. Alternate Energy: As we know that energy resources like petrol and diesel are depleting at a very fast rate. Thus there is need to explore alternate energy resources like solar energy, wind energy or bio energy. These types of energy provides clean environment also. Try your hand in this also.

4. There are many other options in various fields like in chemistry, biology, computational techniques to do research and make career.

We will discuss them later on.

Meanwhile may I know what is your favorite area of research.

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