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Service Selection Board Selection Experience: Part-2- Psychology test

This article is provided by my student Mr. Rajinder Singh Virk for the benefit of others.

Psychology test:

This test is conducted in day-2. This testing forms an integrated and indispensable part of SSB testing. It gives a complete overview of ones thoughts and his thinking capabilities, it gives a clear view to evaluator about ones personality and the qualities being possessed by the individual.

In this test, all the candidates who have been screened in for stage-2 are called in a hall and a dozier is given to them.

Following are the tests which are done with them:

1.Picture perception test (PPT):

In this test 12 slides would be shown to the candidates. These would be clear slides in which picture can be seen and perceived cleanly. The 12th slide would be blank. In the first 11 slides one has to write a story on the perception from that picture as shown in stage-1 and in 12th slide which is blank, the creativity and imagination of the candidate are checked and he has to frame his own story.

Points to be kept in mind:

1. Stories should be on the same theme.

2. Try to display as many as different qualities as you can portray.

3. Have a logical sequence and outcome to the story.

4. Do not be nervous and observe the picture carefully.

5. In blank story, try to give the best by preparing before-hand and preferably it should be an experienced one.

2.Word Association test (WAT):

In this test 60 words would be displayed on the screen, each for 15 sec and one has to write whatever strikes his mind at the first look of the word; preferably it should be in the sentence form. It occurs just after “Picture perception test (PPT)” so one has to be very alert and relaxed for this.

Points to be kept in mind:

1. Make observational sentences.

2. Do not use words like should, would, you etc. Negative words like death or negative outcomes should be avoided.

3. If you miss a word just try to note it down. You can come back to it later, if you have spare time.

4. Do not be nervous and be alert towards the sequence of words.

Note: In next article Situation reaction test (SRT) of the psychology test will be explained.

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