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Service Selection Board Selection Experience: Part-1

Note: This article is provided by my student Mr. Rajinder Singh Virk for the benefit of others. He has recently passed through the selection process. Thanks and all the best to him. I will present this article as given by him :

Day- 1: Screening:

It is a very evaluative and comprehensive test designed to judge your creativity and observational skills. It is the first test and forms the testing stage-1.

In this test, a picture which is blurred enough is displayed and we have to frame a story on it, depending upon your thoughts and observation for it. In this test one gets around 30 seconds to see the picture and 30 minutes to write a story on it. After the story has been written, 10 minutes would be allotted to each candidate by the evaluating officers for discussion and narration of the stories and concluding to a common group story after discussion. After a healthy discussion, a team leader chosen by candidates themselves would narrate the group story.

Points to be kept in mind:

1. Be dressed formally and neatly.

2. Be confident and friendly.

3. Look at the picture with due attention and observance.

4. Try to familiarize yourself with the group members.

5. Story should have a logical sequence and should display same quality of the candidate.

6. During discussion, be open to all and try to emerge as a caretaker and ultimately this leads you to being a leader of your group.

7. Give legitimate points to the discussion and never suppress anybody.

8. Be encouraging and remember “chaos is best time for header to emerge”, so be in a position to control if any chaos is created.

9. Narrate the story with full confidence.

10. Try to include the points of others in your story and frame a common story with string always in your hands.

Note: In next article, part -2 of the selection process that is psychology test will be explained.

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