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Difference among resume, CV and bio data

In our whole life, almost each and everyone of us need to write a Resume, CV or Bio data. Oh, but I have used the three headings that is Resume, CV and Bio-data. But what should be the heading when you are applying for a job? This is the question we come across many time in our minds. Let us today try to solve this puzzle:

Resume: Let us first discuss the heading resume. Resume is basically used where you want to give a brief view of your educational qualifications, and other achievements. The resume can be of 1 or 2 pages but not more than that. In short, ine can say that resume is the summary of about you and your achivements.

Curriculum Vitae: Yes, this is the full form of CV. As the name suggests, CV is related with curriculum, that is it is more related with academics. If you are applying for an academic position, then the heading should be curriculum vitae.

In short, CV is the detailed anaalysis of your qualification, past employment record, publications and other achievements. There is no limit of pages.

Bio-data: Bio-data is occasionally used as heading for the description provided in CV. But more precisely, “bio-data means biological data”, which means the information should be limited to your age, weight  etc. that is only about your biological qualities not about your educational and professional qualities.

I hope now you can differentiate between resume, CV and bio data.

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