How to write research paper?

To write a research paper is not a simple thing but at the same time it is also not a difficult process. But it is certainly different from writing of an ordinary letter. When I have authored my first research paper, it was rejected twice. Then with the grace of almighty and blessings of my angel, my first paper accepted in a reputed journal of Elsevier. Therefore, let us see what exactly require to write a research paper:

1. Title: First thing is to write the title of the paper. It should be small but at the same time reflects your work.

For example: Influence of ———————————————-

2. Authors’ Name: All the names of the researchers should be mentioned. There will be one corresponding author with whom the journal editorial office will do all the correspondence.

example: Amita, Johnb

a institute name, binstitute name

3. Affiliation Name: The name of the institute should be mentioned below the name of the authors. See the above example.

4. Abstract: Abstract means the summary of your research. Abstract must include your work and important results of the work. It is not necessary to include that how the work is done?

5. Introduction: Introduction includes the literature review and why the work is done or how you reach the work to be done? Therefore, it is one of the most important part of the research paper. Literature review must be done with proper references. There are different styles to mention reference in text. One of the common way is to mention the reference at the end of the cited paper. For example: Knothe has studied the dependence of stability on fatty acid [1]. [1] means it will be mentioned first in the reference list. Another method is to add reference as superscript. For example: Knothe has studied the dependence of stability on fatty acid.1 Thus, the style can vary from journal to journal.

6. Experimental Techniques: In this, one will write the experimental or statistical techniques used in his or her work. Sometimes, the journal requirement is to mention the manufacturer name and location of the experimental set-up in the text.

7. Results and discussions: As the name suggests, here you will explain about the results of your work with proper discussion. One can discuss the results by comparing with the already available literature. One very important part is regarding the tables and figures related to your work. Do not show the results by both means that is by table as well as figure. Show the results by any one method preferably by figure.

8. Conclusion: Here you will need to conclude your results.

9. References: Reference style varies from journal to journal. You can see it from journal website. One important point is do not forget to add the reference of papers of the journals in which you want to submit your work.

Note: If you have any doubt regarding writing of research paper, post your query in the comment section

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