Tech mahindra overview and sample technical interview questions

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Today we will tell you about a company from the famous Mahindra group of India. The information and sample technical interview questions may be helpful to you in the interview. Let us start:

name: Tech Mahindra Limited

tagline: create the next wave

Founded in : 1986

Services: Tech mahindra provides services in IT, networking, IMS, BPO, BPM, product engineering, testing and other major IT services also.


Wing 1, Oberoi Estate Gardens, Chandivali, Andheri (E),
Mumbai 400 072,
Maharashtra, India.
Tel : +91 22 6688 2000
Fax: +91 22 2847 8959


Sample technical interview questions:

Networking questions

1. What is EIGRP?

2. Tell us about natting.

3. What is ip address?

4. Tata photon which is attached to laptop, whether it is UDP or TCP connection?

5. What is subnetting?

Questions on C

1. What is the difference between printf ( ) and scanf ( )?

2. What is the difference between getchar ( ) and getchare ( )?

3. Differentiate between “iostream.h” and <iostream.h>.

4. What is the difference between scanf ( ) and gets ( )?

5. Can a C program be written without main ( )?

Questions on C++

1. What is polymorphism?

2. What is inheritance?

3. What is virtual function?

4. What is binding?

5. What is friend function?


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