Probable interview questions and answers

The following article is contributed by my student Ms. Shivani Bhan.  She is  presently working in Tech Mahindra. I hope it will be beneficial for the students:

Its been 4 years now since I have been working – during this period I have working in 2 companies however I have given more that 15 interviews, not because I wanted to change, but because I wanted to know where the market is going and what they are seeking in a “Business Analyst”. This not only gave me confidence but also let me know some new things that were there in the market and I was unaware of the same coz my present company did not work on it. So its important to keep exploring the market. Discuss your profile, what you do, how you do etc with someone more experienced and seek their advice, learn from their experiences.

I always used to read the JD carefully and then reframe my resume as per same – not exactly – but yes somewhat similar as per the JD. Then I used to read a lot and explore the new topics – so that I am not blank in the interview room – its always better to say u have little knowledge – rather than saying you have not knowledge. Always do ur homework – as in be prepared with all sort of questions that can be asked. Continue reading “Probable interview questions and answers”

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