Transmission lines are used to carry electromagnetic energy from one point to another . It means it transfer from one point to another. Generally it consists of two conductors. It is used to connect a source to a load. The source may be a transmitter or an electric generator and the load may be an antenna. Transmission lines are used for operational frequencies equal to or less than about 3GHz. Above 3GHz they will be replaced by waveguides. Continue reading “TRANSMISSION LINE AND ITS TYPES”

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Sources of losses in Transmission lines

The three major sources of losses in RF transmission lines are:

1. Copper Losses:-

(a)    I2 R Losses. This is due to the resistance associated with the conductors constituting the transmission lines or in other words this loss is due to power dissipation as a result of heating in pure resistance .This loss is frequently dependent and increases with increase in frequency .[Resistance associated with transmission line cannot be measured with an ohmmeter because at radio frequencies,RF ,the current tends to flow on the conductor surface  or very near to the conductor surface due to effect called skin effect. Continue reading “Sources of losses in Transmission lines”

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