4 Types of Product policy decision

The marketer has to keep in mind the product policy decision while introducing a product. As it is a competitive tool in the hands of the marketer. It involves four basic decisions. These are: Continue reading “4 Types of Product policy decision”

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With the rapid growth of internet, popularity of personal computer and broadband all over the world has helped a lot to the marketer by promoting and selling the product through e-marketing. E-marketing means doing the business with the help of computer. Continue reading “E-Marketing”

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Product differentiation

Now a day in this competitive market, to gain profit the companies have two alternatives either introduce a product with a reasonable price or to have a product differentiation. Product differentiation is the best way in case the company does not want to reduce the price. It can be done in the following ways: Continue reading “Product differentiation”

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Brand rejuvenation and Brand relaunch

Brand rejuvenation

Brand rejuvenation means the act of adding value to an existing brand by improving product features. In the advertisement the brand is rejuvenated by the words like, ‘new’, ‘extra’, ‘ultra’. For example, Lux becomes international Lux.

Brand relaunch

Sometimes brand do not get the success in the market. In that case companies sometime relaunch the brand with modified features. For example product “A” soap was initially failed in the market but then it was relaunched with a new name “new “A”.

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Brand and Brand equity

Meaning of brand

The word brand originated from the Norwegian word “brandr” which means to burn. In the early days, the owner of animals put some identification mark on the body of the animals by hot iron to distinguish their possession. Similarly now a days companies also start using branding to distinguish their product in the market. Continue reading “Brand and Brand equity”

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