Marketing Management

Marketing mix in e-marketing

Just like traditional marketing, e-marketing also use marketing mix. E-marketing increases the company’s benefits and lowers the cost. With the help of marketing mix in e-marketing the company can increase its profit.

1.)    Product:- with the help of e-marketing the company remain in touch with the consumer needs and make the product available as per the needs of the customer. Thus, even a small firm can compete with large multinational companies.

2.)    Price:- in e-marketing a standard price is fixed not like the traditional marketing in which the price decrease as production increases.

3.)    Place:- now a days with the use of e-marketing there is no need for the companies to have a place to sell there product. There are many companies which exist only online like etc.

4.)    Promotion:– there is no need to make promotion expenditure in case of e-marketing. The consumer themselves interact with the marketer themselves.

Thus, the above discussed are the elements of marketing mix in e-marketing.

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