dot or scalar product of two unit vectors

Last time I have written about the properties of unit vectors that is:

Dot product of unit vectors :





Do you know how the above results come? If your answer is no, then let us discuss it:

I have already explained in my earlier articles that dot product or scalar product between two vectors A and B is given as:

A.B = AB cos θ

where θ is the angle between A and B. A and B are magnitudes of A and B.

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Coordinate systems

Coordinate system is used to represent any point, say P(x, y, z ) in space. There are many methods by which this can be done, but there  are three simple methods, which we will discuss in this article.

Types of coordinate systems are :

I. Cartesian or rectangular coordinate system.

II  Cylindrical coordinate system

III Spherical coordinate system.

Today I will discuss briefly about the cartesian or rectangular coordinate system:

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