3 examples of Inertia of rest

I have already explained the Types of Inertia in my earlier articles with one or two examples. Today I will explain the 3 more examples of inertia of rest which I have defined as that if a body is at rest then it will remain at rest. The examples of inertia of rest are: Continue reading “3 examples of Inertia of rest”

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impulse force and its applications

Impulsive Forces: The force which act on a body for a short time are known as Impulsive forces.

For eg. Hitting a ball with bat fining a gun etc.

An Impulsive force doe snot remain constant but changes, firstly from zero to max and then from max. to zero.

So it is not possible to measure the exact value of force. Hence in such cases, we measure the total effect of force known as Impulse. Continue reading “impulse force and its applications”

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