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3 examples of Inertia of rest

I have already explained the Types of Inertia in my earlier articles with one or two examples. Today I will explain the 3 more examples of inertia of rest which I have defined as that if a body is at rest then it will remain at rest. The examples of inertia of rest are:

1. First example of inertia of rest: Fall of dust particles from a durries or cloth: We all have seen that the dust particles in a durries or cloth fall off when it is beaten with a stick. This is due to the reason that the beating results in motion of durries but the dust particles remain at rest. Thus dust particles fall off. This is one of the examples of inertia of rest.

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2. Second example of inertia of rest: Fall of rider backwards: You must have also noticed that the rider of a horse falls backwards, when a horse starts suddenly. This is also due to inertia of rest of upper part of the body of the rider.

3. Third example of inertia of rest: Fall of coin into the glass: Let us play a simple game or experiment to understand the inertia of rest.

Things required: an empty glass, a coin and a cardboard.

Now place the cardboard on the top of glass and then place the coin on the cardboard. Strike the cardboard with the suddenly with the finger. If you have done it perfectly, then coin will fall into the glass. Do you know why this happens? This happens due to inertia of rest. As the coin was at rest, it remains at rest so it does not move with the cardboard.

These are the 3 examples of the inertia of rest. If you know more examples, then please share with us.

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