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3 examples of Inertia of direction

As we have already discussed that the inertia of direction is defined as the inability of a body or object to change its direction of motion by itself. That is external force is required to change its direction of motion. Let us discuss the 3 examples of inertia of direction:

  1. Mud through rotating wheels: we have seen that the rotating wheels of a vehicle throughout mud in a tangential direction. This is due to inertia of direction. This is the reason that the mud guards are provided in vehicles over the wheels to stop this mud so that to protect the clothes.
  2. Our protection through umbrella: The second example of inertia of direction is protection of us by umbrella. The rain drops falling vertically downwards cannot change their direction of motion and so cannot wet us when the umbrella is up.
  3. Tangential movement of untied stone: The third example of inertia of direction is the tangential movement of a stone. This happened when a stone tied to one end of a string is whirled and if the string or thread suddenly breaks then the stone flies off along the tangent to the circle. This is due to the reason that the pull in the thread was forcing the stone to move in a circle. As soon as the thread breaks, the pull vanishes. The stone in a bid move along the straight line moves tangentially due to inertia of direction.

These are the 3 examples of the inertia of direction. If you know more, please share with us.

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