Applications of Piezoelectric effect

Last time I have discussed about the piezoelectricity. Let us discuss about the applications of piezoelectric effect.

(a) Electro-mechanical transducers.

Piezoelectric effect is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice-versa, that is the piezoelectric substances are used as electro-mechanical transducers.

If an electric signal is applied to one end of a quartz rod, the variations in strain generated in the rod in consequence of the effect propagate down the rod, resulting in a mechanical wave, or an acoustic wave on reaching the other end of the rod.

(b) Highly stable oscillators:

Another application of piezoelectrics is their use as highly stable oscillators for frequency control. If a Quartz crystal is subjected to an alternating voltage at one of its resonant frequencies, the crystal will suffer expansion and contraction alternately  and thus the oscillations of the crystal will be set up. The frequency of these oscillations depends on the dimensions of the specimen and the elastic constants of the material, and is thus stable.

(c) Delay lines

d) Medical Ultrasound Applications

e) Gas Ignitors

f) Displacement Transducers

g) Accelerometers

h) Piezoelectric Transformers

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