Can anything be invisible

when I was child, I used to think that, oh God made me invisible. Probably same thing must be came into your mind also. But can there be anything invisible in reality? Can you made something invisible?

The answer to this question is no, but in the future it can be yes! But why no and yes both? According to the science related to light, we can see objects because light falls on them and reflect from the object. This reflected light fall on our eyes and we are able to see that object.

For example, you can see an apple or your relative because first light fall on the apple and then from your apple on your eyes, this is the reason you can see that apple. But why color of apple appears red because the apple reflects red color out of the seven colors of light and that red color falls on your eye.

But imagine if the light passes through an object and reflects nothing! Then nothing will fall on your eyes and you will not be able to see that object. Therefore the simple reason is the reflection of light thats why we are able to see objects.

If one day scientist successfully made an object which absorb light and reflects nothing, then  that day you can think that you can be invisible. But promise me you will use that day to make this world more beautiful.

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