Synthesis of nanomaterials: top-down and bottom-up approaches

There are two main approaches to synthesize nanomaterial or nanoparticle. One is top-down approach and another is the bottom-up approach.

Let us discuss these approaches one by one: Continue reading “Synthesis of nanomaterials: top-down and bottom-up approaches”

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Electron Confinement in nanoparticles

Electron confinement or quantum confinement is another process that occurs in nanoparticles. We know that when atoms are isolated, then their energy levels are discrete but when they are in packed form and in large numbers (in solid form), the energy levels split and form bands (band means group of levels). Nanoparticles represents intermediate stage. Continue reading “Electron Confinement in nanoparticles”

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What is Nanotechnology

To answer the question that what is nanotechnology, let us first discuss nanoscale because nanotechnology is a science that deals with objects in nanoscale. Nano means 10-9 or one billionth. For example, nano meter means 10-9 meter. Therefore nanotechnology is the science that deals with the objects in size 1 nm. Sometimes the range is defined to 1 to 100 nm. Continue reading “What is Nanotechnology”

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