3 important properties of nucleus

Some of the important properties of atomic nucleus are given below :

(a)   Nuclear charge : The charge on the nucleus is due to protons contained in it. The charge on each proton is + 1.6 x 10-19 coulomb which is equal in magnitude to thecharge of an electron. Taking the charge of a proton as one unit, the total charge on the nucleus is numerically equal to the numberof protons. For example, a hydrogen nucleus (i.e., proton) carries a single unit charge. Continue reading “3 important properties of nucleus”

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Parts of nucleus


It is a known fact that from the scattering of α – particles, scientist Rutherford concluded that the atom of any element consists of central core called nucleus and electrons moving around it. The entire mass of the atom and positive charge is concentrated inside the nucleus. The nucleus is supposed to consist of two particles, the proton and the neutron. Their masses are nearly the same as : Continue reading “Parts of nucleus”

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